Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 6 Wackiest Nicknames In Bollywood

We went ROFL when Priyanka Chopra revealed her hilarious nickname on her debut appearance in the Anupam Kher Show. She was called ‘Meethu’ by her family members considering the chatterbox that she was! When she realized that parrots are generally called ‘Meethu’ as they are talkative, she totally disliked being called ‘Meethu.’

Well, even though PC loathed her funny nickname, we totally loved it and this reminds us PC is not the only one with such a wacky nickname. Hrithik Roshan is ‘The Hrithik Roshan’ for his fans but for family and friends he is simply Duggu. Likewise, there are several other stars who have rib-tickling nicknames. Like, literally!

BC looks at who is called what in the industry.

Aloo Kachchalu aka Alia Bhatt


It’s a known fact that the sizzling girl, who grabbed a lot of eyeballs with her recent bikini scene in Shaandaar, Alia Bhatt was comfortably plump before she entered the industry. She was rotund and the cutest nickname her mom could come up with was Aloo Kachchalu. Her sister called her Aloos whereas some people also called her Batata Vada. Now that she has lost weight she is nowhere near Batata Vada but as we say nicknames stay forever. So, Aloo Kachchalu it is for Alia!

Pappu aka Varun Dhawan


The most notorious kid on the block is Varun Dhawan. We have heard numerous stories of him donning the hat of a prankster and pulling pranks on his co-stars just like his father. Apart from being a prankster he is also a fabulous dancer. So we wonder why did his dad (David Dhawan) nicknamed him ‘Pappu.’ Even though it’s a hilarious one this ‘Pappu’ can surely dance. In a recent interview, Pappu (Oops, Varun) revealed that his nickname is really embarrassing and it reminds him of a Mexican Drug Lord.

Chirkut aka Shraddha Kapoor


Now this one is the funniest of all! Aashiqui 2 girl Shraddha Kapoor has the most amusing nickname and this nickname is given to her by none other than the notorious kid and her ABCD 2 co-star Varun Dhawan. ‘Chirkut’ is the word we’re tripping on. Shraddha and Varun are childhood friends and there’s no doubt that the duo share a great rapport. So much so that he doesn’t miss a chance to take potshots at Shraddha by calling her Chirkut in front of the camera.

Giraffe Lady aka Sonam Kapoor


All thanks to her towering figure, daddy Anil Kapoor nicknamed his little daughter Sonam Kapoor as ‘Giraffe.’ Sonam has that magnificent height that every girl would crave for but Anil made fun of her tall figure by calling her Giraffe during her childhood. How adorable, isn’t it?

Nusheshwar aka Anushka Sharma


In an interview, Anushka Sharma revealed that her parents didn’t give her a nickname as a child but instead her friends picked weird names for her. She is either called ‘Nusheshwar’ or ‘Nushsie’ by her friends.

Raymond Man aka Ranbir Kapoor


Mom’s always pick up the best things for their kids – including picking a nickname for your adorable one. Mummy Neetu Singh who has always been protective of son Ranbir Kapoor chose an interesting nickname for RK – ‘Raymond.’ She thinks his son is a complete man and that’s what Raymond stands for. RK’s close friends and family members also call him ‘Ganglu,’ a nickname given by his grandfather Raj Kapoor. Interesting!

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