Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is Anushka Sharma anorexic?

Anushka Sharma is one of the few Bollywood actresses who has been under constant media scanner for her weight loss issues.

Anushka has always been lean and slender and never bulky or over weight. But off late, the actress looks even more shriveled up and shrunken. The glow on her face also seem to have disappeared. As a result, she is the latest to join the long list of weight watchers.

Even at a recent awards show, Anushka extremely thin and withered in a black ruffled Armani gown.

There was was point when the media had tagged Anushka as anorexic. The actress slammed the media saying, “I have always been a lean girl. And for heaven’s sake, I am not anorexic. Anorexics eat so little. Watch me eat and you shall know.”

She also added saying, “I am very tall, 5’ 9” to be precise. This means that if I really put on weight, I shall start looking like a giant. I don’t have the tendency to put on weight. I am a size 8, UK. To call me sub zero is ridiculous.”

Despite requesting her fans to stop haunting her with the same question again and again, the media did not stop. She then said, “That’s all crap. I have always been on the thinner side. And look at the other side too. There are people who can’t lose weight. Why aren’t they asked about it? I am one of those people who can’t gain weight. That said, have I ever landed up in hospitals saying I am exhausted? I am a very fit girl. Think of it, only my parents should bother about my weight and even health. Next question, please.”

Buzz doing the rounds is that Anushka’s sudden weight loss might be because of her role in her forthcoming flick Peekay, opposite Aamir Khan. The actress plays the role of an alcohol addict in the film and hence the main reason to her sizing down.

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